Mira Loma Detention Facility is Closing

Mira Loma Detention Facility is closing.  A couple of days ago, CIVIC blogged about the possible closure of the Mira Loma Detention Facility in Southern California.  Since then, CIVIC has learned that ICE has begun to transfer immigrants from Mira Loma to Adelanto.  

Mira Loma was one of the top five largest detention facilities in the United States, according to ICE.  It had a capacity to hold up to 1,400 human beings for ICE.  Most of the individuals previously detained at Mira Loma already have been transferred to Adelanto, and CIVIC believes there are about approximately 100 immigrants remaining at Mira Loma. The remaining individuals may be moved to Adelanto (a privately-run detention facility) or other Southern California facilities by the end of November 2012.  (See CIVIC’s Interactive Map for a list of known ICE-contracted facilities.) 

Adelanto is located in San Bernardino, California.  Back in late June 2012, ICE reported to CIVIC that ICE’s contract with GEO Group allowed for the housing of up to 650 immigrants in detention.  Although Adelanto is run by GEO Group, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has had a 287(g) contract with ICE since 2005.

CIVIC will continue to update you on the closure of Mira Loma.  If you believe your loved one remains detained at Mira Loma or was previously detained at Mira Loma and you are unable to locate your loved one, call CIVIC at 385-21-CIVIC.  


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  1. Very interesting Just to note, Adelanto may be in San Bernadino County, but it is at least as far as Mira Loma is from downtown LA, making it equally hard for visitors and lawyers to access.

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