California limits video-only visits!

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Here is some great news out of California.  Huge shout out to CIVIC’s Christina Mansfield for being at the forefront of this movement to stop video-only visitation in county jails, including many immigration detention facilities.  
Last year, CIVIC co-sponsored legislation in California that was just a signature away from outlawing video-only visitation policies.  Since our bill was vetoed, we have been working with the Board of State and Community Corrections to prevent more video-only visitation through the passage of a regulation.  And we are excited to let you know that we along with our many partners have succeeded.  Great work team!
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California limits video-only visits for county jail inmates

Associated Press , KXTV 8:51 AM. PST February 17, 2017

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) – California regulators are pushing back against what had been a growing movement to end in-person visits in county jails.

The Board of State and Community Corrections voted Thursday to require that future jails include space for face-to-face visits.

The board says five of the state’s 58 counties have no in-person visits. Five more counties have no in-person visits in at least one jail, and 10 counties are building jails that will have no room for in-person contact.

The new regulation, adopted on a 7-2 vote, applies only to future jails, not the ones under construction.

Sheriffs have been shifting to video visitation that can save space, requires fewer employees and deters smuggling.

But the board and state lawmakers are encouraging personal visits that they say are healthier and promote rehabilitation.

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