Riverside Sheriffs’ Association Supports Dignity Not Detention!

Yesterday, the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association sent a letter to the California Assembly in strong support of SB 29, the Dignity Not Detention Act, which eliminates the utilization by local governments of for-profit, private prison corporations for the detention of immigrants in California.  This bill is authored by Senator Ricardo Lara and co-sponsored by CIVIC and the Immigrant Legal Resource Center.

The Riverside Sheriffs’ Association is a 4,000-law enforcement member organization.  Their letter of support, addressed the the California Assembly highlights last week’s hunger strikes at the Adelanto Detention Facility.  The Sheriffs’ Association also explains:

“Numerous studies have demonstrated that main objective of these Wall Street private prison cash-cows is to maximize profits for their shareholders. For-profit private prison companies accomplish this goal by implementing relaxed hiring standards, reduced staffing levels, inadequate employee training and by paying their workers substantially less in wages and benefits when compared to professional, public correctional peace officers.”

CIVIC wants to thank the Riverside Sheriffs’ Association for their support for this bill!

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