Sandy Aftermath for NY Detained Immigrants and Families in Monmouth County NJ

Co-founder of Monmouth County Coalition for Immigrant Rights and a member of CIVIC, Karina Wilkinson, writes about the impact of Hurricane Sandy on immigrants detained throughout New Jersey and New York.

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In the wake of Hurricane Sandy detention facilities need to improve communication.

Hurricane Sandy and immigration detention, Monmouth County Jail and immigration detention visitation, Karina Wilkinson, CIVIC and immigration detention visitation, visitation and New Jersey, visitation and New York, ayuda y inmigrantesNovember 4 – A week after Hurricane Sandy devastated the New Jersey Coast, it is unclear when visiting hours will resume for the approximately 250 immigrants detained in Monmouth County jail. All four regularly scheduled visiting days last week were cancelled.  The difficulty for New York families reaching their loved ones in New Jersey has only been aggravated by the flooding of tunnels, blocked roads, power outages, the suspension of train and bus service and the fuel shortage throughout the region.  If visiting doesn’t resume on Wednesday or Thursday, then detained immigrants will be almost two weeks without any visiting at a difficult time for New Yorkers.
The County needs to do a better job of getting information to visitors and the public about cancellations and the resumption of visiting hours. The County and Sheriff’s office could update their websites to provide the most current information just like other localities’ websites have done regarding necessary public information. It would also be a good time to consider lower phone rates for detained immigrants, rates that can be as high as $10 for 10 minutes to New York.
 Hurricane Sandy and immigration detention, Christina Fialho and immigration detention, visitation, Christina Mansfield
The disruption of visiting as we start a renewed visiting program in Monmouth County means that detained immigrants who haven’t been visited at all before the program started are now again without visits.  Men and women in immigration detention rely on visitors for moral support, as well as help communicating with loved ones and accessing necessary information and services.
Finally, Sandy’s impact highlights the injustice of detaining people far from their communities.  To begin with, New Yorkers who are held in immigration detention facilities in New Jersey are isolated from their relatives, friends, and attorneys.  This isolation has only been intensified in the aftermath of the storm.  Monmouth County Coalition for Immigrant Rights renews its call to end the unnecessary detention of immigrant men and women. 
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8 thoughts on “Sandy Aftermath for NY Detained Immigrants and Families in Monmouth County NJ

  1. Thank You for bringing this travesty to public attention. Immigration Detainees are so often held for profit of the prison investors who suck tax dollars through the government detention contracts. Even though our international visitors, on the inside, are presumed to be innocent people, because they most often are just that, good and innocent family people and fathers and mothers and providers, they are detained without bail or right to Counsel. Their keepers are well paid in blood money.

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  3. Dear Karina–Thank you for all you do to for the immigrants in detention, their families and for people like me. I will be more faithful about this. Beverly

  4. Karina,
    Thanks for the getting this information out there. As of today, Hudson County Correctional Facility, Bergen County Jail, Delaney Hall and Elizabeth Detention Facility are operating with generators. Hudson is not allowing visitors at this time. We are told that the other facilities are offering visitation this week, but I will confirm this tomorrow with each facility.

  5. One of our visitors was able to visit a detainee on Saturday, despite the booking dept. not being able to confirm that visiting was open. The jail is supposed to resume normal visiting hours on Wednesday. We still need to be able to get reliable info about when visiting is shutting down.

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