A Support System for Deported Veterans

The Deported Veterans Support House is a group of deported United States veterans who understand that when a veteran is deported that person faces immense fear and numerous obstacles.  While the House is based in Mexico, they also hope to expand to other countries such as El Salvador and Panama.

The House will fill an immediate need for safe shelter and food and assist the deported veteran in obtaining local identification. Through established community contacts, the U.S. vet also will have the opportunity to address his or her spiritual needs. The House understands the urgent need to maintain contact with family in the United State, so this new group will help deported veterans establish solid methods of communication.

The Deported Veterans Support House is a new venture and hopes to become a place of security and a place of new beginnings, where vets who understand the brotherhood help other vets to find the short and long term assistance they need.  The group has an open door policy and encourages anyone at anytime to visit, stay at the house, and learn from them.  

Contact Information:

Hector Barajas, Founder/Director: 626-569-5491, banishedveteran@yahoo.com 

Ernie Aguilar, 562-209-8223 (Long Beach, CA)

Cruz Rebolledo, 626-596-3100 (Baldwin Park, CA)

Bertha Gutierrez, 619-646-4611 (San Diego, CA) 
Craig Klein, 619-581-7121 (San Diego, CA)

Margarita or Natividad Barajas, 310-638-1924 (Compton, CA)

Learn more about the detention and deportation of U.S. veterans by reading what CIVIC member, Rev. Linda Orsen Theophilus, has to say: Deportations are Not the Way to Show Respect for Veterans

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