Stop Strip Searches for Visitors at CA Prisons!

The CA Dept of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) just proposed regulations mandating use of dogs, scanners, and traumatizing strip searches for people coming into a prison for a contact visit with a loved one.

CDCR does not contract with ICE; so, this will not apply to immigration detention facilities. However, CIVIC is concerned about the general trend in increased restrictions on visitors to any place of confinement.

We were told that the last day/time to submit comments was yesterday at 5pm, but advocates only found out about this new policy yesterday or today. You can still send a message that you oppose this policy. Click here for more information:

Corrections officials said the emergency regulations will take effect in mid-October, but they will then be subject to 160 days of public comment before they become permanent. Read more here:

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