VICTORY: After a Month of Resistance, Kwesi Amuzu has been Released

May 27, 2015 – We resisted and won! After a month of campaigning, ICE SF Field Office has decided to release Kwesi Amuzu, a Ghanaian asylum-seeker, who was held in indefinite detention for over a year despite having a removal order that was unable to be carried out. We first met Kwesi at the West County Detention Facility through our visitation program. He was transferred to the Mesa Verde Detention Facility, but our growing network of visitor volunteers was able to support him and continue to visit him at this new California facility. CIVIC sounded the alarm about his indefinite detention and engaged a multi-racial network of undocumented youth, faith leaders, immigrant rights organizations, and community members to pressure ICE for Kwesi’s release.

A vigil and protest was scheduled outside of the Mesa Verde facility on May 30th with the purpose of calling for Kwesi’s release. Kwesi was released on May 26, 2015. He is now living with a CIVIC visitor volunteer. He was able to join us outside of the detention facility on May 30th with hundreds of people calling for the release of all people from immigration detention.

Listen to Kwesi here: