In the Media

The following is a sample of some of the media coverage of CIVIC and its affiliated visitation programs.
Group claims ICE ignores claims of sexual assault of immigrants in custody, Houston Chronicle, April 2017.
Sexual Assaults in Immigration Detention Centers Rarely Get Investigated, Group Charges, NBC News, April 2017.
Complaint Alleges Immigration Detention Center Sexual Assaults Are Ignored, TeenVogue, April 2017.
Report: Homeland Security fields 1,000 sex abuse complaints, Associated Press/SF Chronicle, April 2017.
ICE detainee questions medical treatment at Adelanto Detention Facility, Victor Valley Daily Press, April 2017.
Complaint Claims Thousands of Reports of Sexual Assault in Immigration Detention Have Not Been Investigated, Fusion, April 2017.
Few Complaints Of Sexual Abuse Inside Immigrant Detention Centers Are Investigated, Report Finds, BuzzFeed, April 2017.
Sexual Assault Claims At Private Immigrant Detention Centers Are Rarely Investigated, LAist, April 2017.
Group names Alabama county jail 6th worst for immigrant sexual abuse complaints, Alamaba’s, April 2017.
York prison cited in ICE sexual harassment complaint, York Dispatch, April 2017.
Piden que DHS investigue abuso sexual en centros de detención, La Opinión, April 2017.
Chances are high that if you’re abused in immigration detention, no one will care, Think Progress, April 2017
Más de 1,000 denuncias de abuso sexual a inmigrantes en centros de detención, Univision, April 2017.
Complaint: Sexual Abuse, Harassment in Immigrant Detention Largely Goes Uninvestigated, Rewire, April 2017.
Report: Over 1,000 Sexual Abuse Complaints Against DHS, AmericaNow, April 2017.
Sexual Assault Claims At Immigrant Detention Facilities Are Rarely Investigated, Romper, April 2017.
Reportan más de mil casos de abuso sexual en centros de detención de EU en dos años, Proceso, April 2017.
Inmigrantes sufren abusos sexuales en los centros de detención, Jambalaya News, April 2017.
Why Trump’s Agency, “VOICE” Should Stand for “Victims of ICE,” Truthout, April 2017.
Santa Ana’s Motto: Jails Not Schools, OC Register, April 2017.
Immigrant advocacy group calls for investigation of Adelanto detainee’s death, Victor Valley Daily Press, March 2017.
ICE Detainee Hangs Himself In California Jail Cell, Vocativ, March 2017.
Immigrants given rotten meat, solitary confinement at Theo Lacy Jail, watchdog finds, Orange County Register, March 2017.
The Trump Administration Is Considering Separating Undocumented Parents From Their Children, BuzzFeed, March 2017.
Migranti in Usa: Trump vorrebbe separare i figli dalle madri che entrano clandestinamente, Repubblica, March 2017.
Is ICE Trying to End Public Oversight of Detention Conditions?, Rewire, March 2017.
Legal groups accuse Trump administration of cutting access to illegal immigrants, Washington Times, March 2017.
Planned ICE Deportation Of Napa Man Spurs Saturday Protest In Richmond, CBS, March 2017.
Activists protest planned deportation of Napa man, Napa Valley Register, March 2017.
Immigration officials abruptly announce end to controversial contract at Santa Ana Jail, Los Angeles Times, February 2017.
Study Finds Right-Wing Media Routinely Criminalize Immigrants In Coverage: Skewed Portrayals Have Dangerous Effects In Politics, Media Matters, February 2017.
ICE ends contract to use Santa Ana Jail to detain immigrants, 89.3KPCC, February 2017.
What changed – and what didn’t – with Trump’s immigration raids, Christian Science Monitor, February 2017.
Lawyers for detained DREAMer accuse government of intentionally tampering documents, Think Progress, February 2017.
The ‘Day Without Immigrants’ protest returns a decade later. Will it be effective? Christian Science Monitor, February 2017.
Methodist Sunday school teacher detained in immigration raids, Think Progress, February 2017.
Trump’s Executive Orders Could Drastically Expand Family Detention Centers, Truth-Out, February 2017.
Has Trump Outlawed Immigration Advocacy?, Huffington Post, February 2017.
This Low-Tech Device is Primed for a Comeback, Inverse Innovation, February 2017.
Immigration Officials And Private Prison Company Are Accused Of Denying Access To Detainees, BuzzFeed, January 2017.
Immigration detention center in South Georgia to cost $116.7 million, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, January 2017.
Sheriff Hodgson is the next Joe Arpaio, The Standard Times, January 2017.
To protect their immigrant residents under Trump, some cities are arming them with lawyers, PRI World News, January 2017.
Access restrictions rise at immigration detention facility, VV Daily Press, January 2017.
The Rev. John Guttermann, immigrant advocate, dies at age 69, Star Tribune, January 2017.
What Trump Can and Can’t Do to Immigrants, Dollars & Sense, January 2017.
Santa Ana declares itself a sanctuary city in defiance of Trump, Los Angeles Times, December 2016.
Advocates Are Worried About New Texas Facility’s Separate Housing for Transgender Detainees, National Public Radio – Austin, December 2016.
City Council Approves Sanctuary Policy in Santa Ana, NBC News Channel 4, December 2016.
Santa Ana takes financial risk by becoming sanctuary city, phasing out ICE jail contract, Orange County Register, December 2016.
Santa Ana Is Not A Sanctuary City (Yet), Huffington Post, December 2016.
Immigrant Rights Leaders React to Santa Ana Sanctuary Policy Vote, Voice of OC, December 2016.
Santa Ana Declares Itself The First ‘Sanctuary City’ In Orange County, LAist, December 2016.
On eve of Trump presidency, Supreme Court takes up key immigration case, Christian Science Monitor, November 2016.
Last chance this term for the Supreme Court to stand up for immigrants in detention, The Hill, November 2016.
A Mother’s Appeal to the Supreme Court, The Intercept, November 2016.
Supreme Court Hears Case on Stripping Migrants of Due Process Rights, Rewire, November 2016.
Immigration Detention Centers: Immigrant Describes Conditions, Experience In Indefinite Detention, International Business Times, November 2016.
A look inside the immigration detention system Trump wants to expand, Think Progress, November 2016.
President-elect Trump presses on with border fencing and mass deportation, Think Progress, November 2016.
We Can Stop Trump’s Deportation Force. Here’s How., Huffington Post, November 2016.
Ghana asylum seekers stake out new lives in NYC, Huffington Post, October 2016.
One Step Forward, Two Steps Back for the Feds on Private Prisons,, October 2016.
California’s governor vetoed a bill that would stop privately run migrant detention. What now?, National Public Radio, September 2016.
California Will Keep Housing Its Detained Immigrants in For-Profit Centers, Mother Jones, September 2016.
Costly, Inefficient And Unaccountable: The Case For Outlawing For-Profit Prisons, Forbes, September 2016.
OC Sheriff Hutchens Wrong on CA Immigration Detention Bill, Voice of OC, September 2016.
California has the opportunity to lead the nation with dignity, not detention, OC Register, September 2016.
CIVIC is Honored by Fairview Community Church and text of speech, OC Weekly, September 2016.
Where’s Your Pen Governor Brown?, San Francisco Examiner, September 2016.
Are Private Immigration Jails on the Chopping Block in Southern California?, LA Weekly, August 2016.
Immigrant detainees deserve to be treated with dignity, Los Angeles Times/Daily Pilot, August 2016.
California Pushes to End Private-Prison Management of Immigrant Detention Centers, The Atlantic’s City Lab, August 2016.
U.S. to phase out private prisons, yet Adelanto Detention Facility not in pullback plans, Victorville Daily Press, August 2016.
Profits over care make case for immigration reform, The Hill, June 2016.
Stopping the Suffering of Transgender Immigrants, The Advocate, June 2016.
Health Care at New Jersey Immigrant Jail Is Substandard, Watchdog Groups Say, New York Times, May 2016.
Inside the Fight to Protect Face-To-Face Visitation for Prisoners, The Establishment, May 2016.
Immigrants Detail The Atrocious Medical Care They Received In ICE Detention, Think Progress, May 2016.
Immigration Officials Accused of Providing Faulty Medical Care to Immigrant Detainees, The Latin Post, May 2016.
Groups say Hudson County immigration detention site not giving adequate medical care, The Record, New Jersey, May 2016.
Immigrants in Detention: A three part series, Inland Empire Community News, May 2016.
‘It’s a nightmare inside’: Bill would place new restrictions on private immigrant detention centers, Los Angeles Times, April 2016.
2016 Marks Devastating 20-Year Anniversary for American Families with Immigrant Roots, America’s Voice, April 2016.
Poets and artists expose the failure of immigration detention, The Hill, April 2016.
Detaining immigrants for profit a bad business to be in, Orange County Register, April 2016.
After Almost Three Years Of Immigration Detention — And Abuse — A Transgender Woman Looks For Asylum, Public Radio International, April 2016.
On Sunday The U.S. Deported A Lot Of Muslims. They Could Be On Their Way To Die, Think Progress, April 2016.
GEO makes big push for Gary, The Times Indiana, April 2016.
Weekend immigration detainee protest at Etowah County Jail draws activists,, April 2016.
End law enforcement violence against trans women, The Hill, February 2016.
Cities should stop doing dirty work for ICE, Orange County Register, February 2016.
Santa Ana distances itself from immigration agency in rare rejection of jail contract expansion, Orange County Register, February 2016.
Santa Ana Backs Away From ICE Contract Expansion, VOICE of OC, February 2016.
Investigate abuse of women detainees in Santa Ana Jail, Orange County Register, February 2016.
Stop State-Sanctioned Sexual Assaults in Santa Ana, VOICE of OC, February 2016.
Advocates: Man Sterilized in ICE Detainment Deported to Guatemala, RH Reality Check, February 2016.
Women Allege Illegal Strip Searches While Held In Immigration Detention, BuzzFeed News, January 2016.
Immigrant Women Complain of “Disturbing” Strip Searches, Mother Jones, January 2016.
Immigrant women say they’re being illegally strip searched by male officers, Fusion, January 2016.
Female Detainees Allege Unlawful Strip Searches By Immigration Center Officials, Think Progress, January 2016.
Women accuse immigration detention of illegal strip searches, Chicago Sun Times, January 2016.
ICE niega revisiones “invasivas y humillantes” a detenidas en Santa Ana, La Opinion, January 2016.
Illegal immigrants, especially transgenders, ‘humiliated’ by strip-searches, The Washington Times, January 2016.
Complaint filed against immigration detention facility for unlawful strip searches of women, Daily Kos, January 2016.
Community Bonds Cannot Be Broken, The Public Humanist, January 2016.
Asylum Seekers Keep Resorting To Hunger Strikes, BuzzFeed, December 2015.
Immigrant detainees deserve humane treatment, The Press Enterprise, December 2015.
Detention centers don’t reflect well on our country, Orange County Register, December 2015.
Border Agents Detain U.S. Citizen For 3 Hours For Sketching In Her Notebook, Think Progress, December 2015.
I’m Just an Immigrant Who Was Trying to Fight My Case, Mother Jones, December 2015.
Under the Shroud of Freedom: The First Amendment Rights of Visitors in the Immigration Detention System, Race & Social Justice Law Review, University of Miami Law School, 2015.
Immigrants Say They Suffered Abuse And Neglect At This California Detention Center, Think Progress, December 2015.
Here’s Why Hundreds of Immigrants in Detention Have Gone on Hunger Strike, Mother Jones, December 2015.
Immigration facility won’t accept transgender detainees, VV Daily Press, December 2015.
Immigrants end hunger strike at Adelanto detention facility, Los Angeles Times, November 2015.
Why 26 asylum-seekers in a California detention center have stopped eating, Los Angeles Times, November 2015.
US Guards ‘Taunt Hunger-Striking Asylum Seekers’, Al Jazeera, November 2015.
Why Hundreds Of Immigrant Detainees Are Refusing To Eat, Think Progress, November 2015.
Immigrants Seeking Asylum Are On A Hunger Strike At SoCal Detention Center, LAIST, November 2015.
Hundreds launch hunger strike at immigrant detention center in Adelanto, Calif., Los Angeles Times, November 2015.
Wave of Hunger Strikes Hits National Immigration Detention Facilities, KPFA Pacifica Evening News, November 2015
ICE niega huelga en Adelanto, pero activistas no bajan la guardia, La Opinion, November 2015.
Immigrant detainees launch hunger strike, Daily Kos Radio, November 2015.
Why Immigrant Detainees In California Just Launched A Hunger Strike, Think Progress, November 2015.
Why Did One of America’s Most Controversial Immigration Detention Facilities Get Even Bigger?, Foreign Policy, November 2015.
Exigen cerrar cárcel de ICE en Adelanto por “abusos extremos, La Opinion, November 2015.
Inmigrantes detenidos optan por la huelga de hambre como recurso para evitar abusos, Hoy Adelanto, November 2015.
Indocumentados en cárcel de ICE inician huelga de hambre para denunciar malos tratos, Univision, November 2015.
Here‘s why detainees at immigration detention centers across the U.S. are starting hunger strikes, Latinos Post, November 2015.
Immigration News Today: Prolonged Detention, Lack of Legal Access at Detention Center, Latin Post, November 2015.
Jan Meslin on LaSalle Hunger Strike, WHYR 96.9 FM Baton Rouge, October 2015.
LGBT “Pods” Won’t Keep Trans and Queer People in Immigration Detention Safe, Truthout, October 2015.
Etowah Visitation Project to Resume Detainee Visits at County Jail,, September 2015.
Adelanto is “Ground Zero” for region’s immigration debate, Inland Empire Community News, September 2015.
Silencing US Immigration Detainees, Human Rights Watch, August 2015.
Immigration Advocates Banned From Visiting Detainees, BuzzFeed, August 2015.
Trapped in detention, transgender immigrants face new traumas, MSNBC, August 2015.
Locals gather to protest prison expansion, Victor Valley Daily Press, August 2015.
Detention Program Allegedly Barred Lawyers From Visiting Their Immigrant Clients, Think Progress, August 2015.
Attorney Barred From Visiting Clients in Immigration Detention Centers, Colorlines, August 2015.
Visitation Cut at Etowah Co. Detention Center, Alabama Public Radio, August 2015.
Immigration lawyer says she was barred from detention center, Associated Press, August 2015.
Niegan entrada a centros de detención de familias, Washington Hispanic, July 2015.
Group stages brief protest outside detention center, The Gadsden Times, August 2015.
Immigration detainees denied attorney access, groups say, Victor Valley Daily Press, August 2015.
Activistas acusan a ICE de negarles acceso a detenidos por exponer abusos, La Opinion, August 2015.
President Obama: Release Jewish Homeschooling Family Imprisoned in the United States, Huffington Post, August 2015.
‘God’s Love Has No Borders’: Meet The Faith Leaders Who Offer A Lifeline To Immigrant Detainees, Think Progress, July 2015
Advocates claim detainees were abused at Alabama immigrant detention center, Los Angeles Times, July 2015.
Immigrants Face ‘Mental Torture’ At Detention Center That Was Supposed To Be Shut Down, Think Progress, July 2015.
Immigrant Inmate Treatment Complaint, Alabama Public Radio, July 2015.
“God Is With Them”: Meet The Faith Leaders Who Comfort Distraught Immigrant Families In Detention, America’s Voice, July 2015.
Krome Corps: Volunteers Reach Out To Immigrants In Detention, WLRN Public Radio and Television, July 2015.
Lawmakers seek to halt detention center expansion, VV Daily Press, July 2015.
Advocates push to end detention of transgender immigrants — and then all undocumented immigrants, Orange County Register, July 2015.
Stop Detaining Immigrants at Adelanto, The Hill, July 2015.
ICE facility expands to house women, VV Daily Press, July 2015.
Words Beyond Walls: Free the Adelanto 4, Huffington Post, July 2015.
End Immigration Detention of LGBTQ, The Hill, June 2015.
Event Honors Immigration Detainees, The Gadsden Times, June 2015.
Katherine Weathers on Serving as a Detention Center Volunteer, The Plural of You Podcast, June 2015.
Reporte: Centros de detención de ICE operan con sus propias ‘cuotas’, La Opinion, June 2015
Protesters Demand End To Unlawful, Indefinite Detainment Of Asylum Seekers, Bay City News, May 2015.
Three mothers and many children to a room, Unitarian Universalist World, May 2015.
Costa Mesa Church Hosts SUNDAY Fund-raiser for Families of Immigrants in Federal Detention, Orange County Weekly, May 2015.
Community Group Expanding Their Outreach to Krome Detainees, Kendall Gazette, May 2015.
Immigrant-rights advocates seek closure of facility & Video, Victor Valley Daily Press, May 2015.
Groups to protest at detention center, Victor Valley Daily Press, May 2015.
GEO Group Whistleblower Exposes First Amendment Violations, Lack of Officer Training, and Poor Conditions at the Adelanto Detention Center, Huffington Post, May 2015.
Hillary Clinton’s Immigration Policy Could Be Very Different From Obama’s. Here’s How. Think Progress, May 2015.
ICE ‘ramping up’ detention center in Bakersfield (open PDF), The Bakersfield Californian, April 2015.
Salvadoran immigrant held at Adelanto ICE facility dies, Los Angeles Times, April 2015.
Immigrant Dies in Geo Group Facility After Three Weeks of Ignored Symptoms, Says Attorney, New Times: Broward & Palm Beach, April 2015.
Group Calls for Investigation into Death of Salvadoran Immigrant Held at ICE Facility, Fox News, April 2015.
Mothers and Children Allegedly Locked in a Dark Room for Protesting Detention Conditions, Think Progress, April 2015.
Madres detenidas por ICE denuncian represalias tras huelga de hambre, La Opinion, April 2015.
Slice of the Good Life, The Yale Journal of Politics, Spring 2015.
Words Beyond Walls: Dreams of Freedom, Huffington Post, March 2015.
Nine Years After Completing His Prison Sentence, This Man Was Finally Released, Think Progress, March 2015.
Immigrant free after nine years in detention, WORLD Magazine, March 2015.
Centros de detención están en el limbo, El Diario, February 2015.
Words Beyond Walls: A Mother’s Love in Immigration Detention, Huffington Post, February 2015.
Inside the Small California Town with a Lot of Prisons, but Not Much Opportunity, Vice Magazine, February 2015.
Exploiting Inmates, East Bay Express, February 2015.
For-profit prison group drops plans for third jail in Adelanto, Victorville Daily Press, January 2015.
Immigration policies are criminalizing our communities, San Francisco Bay View, December 2014.
Mi Vida Arte, My Life Art, The Prison Arts Coalition, December 2014.
War on Immigrants Report, Global Movements, Urban Struggles WBAI 99.5 FM, December 2014.
Financially Troubled Adelanto Approves Plan to Build Another Jail, Los Angeles Times, December 2014.
Etowah Visitation Project gives volunteers new perspective on privilege of being an American,, December 2014.
Attorney: City Agrees to Drop Charges, Victorville Daily Press, December 2014.
On Behalf of CIVIC, ACLU Issues Threat to Adelanto, Victorville Daily Press, November 2014.
A million dollars: The cost of free speech?, American Civil Liberties Union of Southern California Blog, November 2014.
Celebrating 25 Years of Children’s Rights, From Inside Immigration Detention, Huffington Post, November 2014.
Small town with several detention centers debates if it needs another, Los Angeles Times, November 2014.
Activist says Adelanto is rushing prison approval, Victorville Daily Press, November 2014.
Tales of Detention Center Woes, WORLD Magazine, October 2014.
Radical Sanctuary: Faith Groups Rally Around Migrant Youth, Tikkun, October 2014.
The high cost of phone calls for inmates, KALW, October 2014.
California Group Gives Voice To Detained Immigrants, National Public Radio (NPR)’s Here & Now, September 2014.
Adelanto: Unlimited Prison Possibilities, Huffington Post, August 2014.
Newly Released Recordings Capture Abuse in Immigration Detention, Huffington Post, August 2014.
Al descubierto abusos en centros de detención de migración, La Opinión, August 2014.
Do so many immigrants need to be detained?, WORLD Magazine, August 2014.
Detention Contention, WORLD Magazine, August 2014.
TRUST Didn’t Help, New Haven Independent, August 2014.
Expansion of Adelanto immigrant detention center underway, Los Angeles Times, July 2014.
PRISION: Congresista Judy Chu cuestiona expansión del Centro de Detención de Adelanto, Unidos, July 2014.
Activists Criticize Expansion of Immigrant Detention Center, NBC News, July 2014.
Every Year, 400,000 People Are Bought And Sold By The U.S. Government. I Had No Idea., Upworthy, July 2014.
Unstoppable Tide of Child Migrants to the US, Latinamerica Press, July 2014.
Dialing with Dollars: How County Jails Profit From Immigrant Detainees, The Nation, May 2014.
Move to Amend Radio, April 2014.
CIVIC ending the isolation of men and women in U.S immigration detention, KBOO Community Radio – Portland, OR, April 2014.
Protests rise as Santa Maria refuses to halt immigrant center, Los Angeles Times, March 2014.
Watchdog: Feds Are Muzzling Us for Reporting Alleged Immigrant Detainee Sex Abuse, Mother Jones, March 2014.
Confined in the Shadows in the Land of the Free, Friends Committee on Legislation of California, Spring 2014.
Florida immigrants decry detention quota, Sun Sentinel, March 2014.
Santa Maria Approves ICE Facility: City Council Splits Vote on Immigration Center After Eight Hour Hearing, Santa Barbara Independent, March 2014.
Groups consider action after Santa Maria approves ICE facility, Lompoc Record, March 2014.
Someten 4 apelaciones contra de centro de ICE en Santa Maria, Univision, February 2014.
Two more ICE facility appeals filed before Wednesday deadline, KSBY News, February 2014.
Santa Maria receives two more appeals over ICE permit, Santa Maria Times, February 2014.
Living in the Shadows: Detention Centers Deaths Raise Immigrant Rights Questions, New America Media, February 2014.
Faltan mejoras en condiciones de inmigrantes detenidos, La Opinión, February 2014.
Thousands Protest Santa Maria ICE Center, Santa Barbara Independent, February 2014.
Groups Plan to Appeal ICE Permit to City Council, Santa Maria Times, February 2014.
¿Usted paga por retener a los inmigrantes? & Crisis de salud para inmigrantes detenidos & ¿Errores mortales en los centro de detención para inmigrantes?, Univision, February 2014.
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Obama’s Immigration-Lockup Quota, Washington Times, January 2014.
Planning Commission to Discuss ICE Permit, Santa Maria Times/NBC News, January 2014.
Inmigrante detenido es ahora activista, La Opinión, January 2014.
Rep. Diane Black again pushes to close immigration-rights advocacy office, Washington Times, January 2014.
Here’s What New FCC Chairman Heard When He Came to Oakland, San Francisco Bay Guardian, January 2014.
Legal Resources Scarce for Immigration Detainees, KQED/NPR, November 2013.
If the SHU Fits: Voices from Solitary Confinement, National Religious Campaign Against Torture & Interfaith Communities United for Justice and Peace, November 2013.
CAP Releases LGBT Detainee Report, Metro Weekly, November 2013.
How ICE’s Privacy Standards Hurt Immigration Reform, Huffington Post, November 2013.
One Year Later: Expose and Close, Detention Watch Network, November 2013.
Dignity Denied: LGBT Immigrants in U.S. Immigration Detention, Center for American Progress, November 2013.
LGBT Undocumented Immigrants Face Harsh Living Conditions In Detention Centers, Generation Progress, November 2013.
Bringing Hope and Friendship to Detainees, Maryknoll Magazine: Not So Far Afield, November 2013.
34,000 Sold: How Human Rights are Traded for Profit in the U.S.,, November 2013.
How Volunteers Keep Watch, Ease Isolation of Immigrant Detainees, PRI’s The World, September 2013.
Visitations Resume in California Immigration Detention, San Francisco Chronicle/Sacramento Bee/San Jose Mercury News, and others via the Associated Press (AP), September 2013.
Love the Prisoner, Western Friend, September 2013.
GBT Housing ‘Pod’ Offers National Detention Model, Women’s eNews, September 2013.
ICE visitation ban lifted at detention centers, San Bernardino’s The Sun, August 2013.
U.S. suspends visitation programs at 3 immigrant facilities in Southland, Los Angeles Times, August 2013.
Immigration Visitors Blocked at Detention Centers, San Francisco Chronicle/Sacramento Bee/San Jose Mercury News, and others via the Associated Press (AP), August 2013.
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From Subjugation to the Sublime: Isolated Immigration Detainees, Ask A Leader, KUCI 88.9fm.
Suspenden programas de visitas a centros de detención de inmigración en California, Fox News Latino, August 2013.
ICE Blacklists Community Visitors, Huffington Post, August 2013.
Bloquean visitas a cárcel de ICE en el sur de California, Univision, August 2013.
Suspenden los programas de visitas de voluntarios a los centros de inmigración, 20 Minutos México, August 2013.
Protestan para exigir visitas a inmigrantes presos en Adelanto, La Opinión, August 2013.
Protesters rally at Adelanto Detention Facility, demanding that a visitation program be reinstated, Fontana Herald News, August 2013.
Jesus would demand justice for immigrants, Daily Pilot, August 2013.
ICE Suspends Volunteer Visits To Detainees At Three California Jails, KPBS: San Diego, Public Radio, August 2013.
Protesters rally against visitation ban in Adelanto, Victorville Daily Press, August 2013.
Groups Protest ICE Visitation Ban, San Bernardino Sun, Los Angeles Daily News, August 2013.
Immigrants Denied Visitation – Activists Hope To Restore Programs, San Fernando Sun, August 2013.
Visits to Immigrants Detained at Santa Ana Jail and Musick Facility Stop After ICE Criticized, OC Weekly, August 2013.
Sheriff’s Office made half a million dollars from inmate phone calls in 2011, Fairfax Times, August 2013.
Imprisoned U.S. Navy Vet Fights Deportation, CBS News, August 2013.
Detained Veteran Goes on Hunger Strike to Fight Deportation, Arizona Republic, July 2013.
Who is Overseeing Immigration Detention?, Huffington Post, July 2013.
Detained U.S. Veteran on Hunger Strike at Eloy Detention Center, Huffington Post, July 2013.
Vet on Hunger Strike Over Deportation Threat, News, July 2013.
Former Detained U.S. Hiker Sarah Shourd Speaks Out Against Immigration Detention, Huffington Post, June 2013.
People United, KOOP Studio, June 2013.
Protestors Target Excessive Phone Rates for Immigrant Detainees, New America Media, May 2013.
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