Storytelling Gallery

CIVIC’s award-winning storytelling projects allow people in immigration detention and their allies to challenge injustice through the oldest art form. Storytelling allows us to experience the similarities between ourself and others. It allows us to link present struggles for justice to similar struggles of the past. And it allows us to create an archive of the present for future generations to learn about subaltern histories that are often forgotten.
We view immigration detention as part of the mass incarceration system, and we are a National Issue Partner of States of Incarceration, a project presented by the Humanities Action Lab at The New School that brings together over 500 people in 20 U.S. cities to create a traveling exhibition on the past, present, and future of mass incarceration in their communities. CIVIC staff is available to train you or your organization on how to collect, share, and preserve people’s stories through various mediums. Explore our storytelling projects below and then join the movement by sharing your story or emailing Tina Shull at!
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