LGBTI Training

“As transgender people, we are placed in that unit [solitary confinement] because of who we are.” – Bamby Salcedo, transgender activist and former immigration detainee
An Overview of Immigration Detention for LGBTI

Welcoming remarks:
Angela Maria Kelley, Vice President, Immigration Policy, Center for American Progress
Featured speakers:
Olga Tomchin, Soros Fellow, Transgender Law Center
Royce Murray, Policy Director, National Immigrant Justice Center
Christina Fialho, Co-Founder/ Executive Director, CIVIC
Sharita Gruberg, Policy Analyst, LGBT Immigration Project, Center for American Progress
Supplemental Reading: Dignity Denied: LGBT Immigrants in U.S. Immigration Detention
Learn How to Become a Visitor Volunteer & Advocate for LGBTI People in Detention

CIVIC created the above video, “Transgender 101: A Training Video for CIVIC Visitor Volunteers” along with Ending Discrimination & Abuse of LGBTI in U.S. Immigration Detention: Supplemental Reading Material for CIVIC Visitor Volunteers

LGBTI Migrants in Immigration Detention: A Global Perspective
The detention of LGBTI immigrants is a global problem, but there are protections available under international law for LGBTI individuals in immigration detention.

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