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Ending Isolation

CIVIC envisions a country where no person is isolated in immigration detention. To realize this vision, people from all fields, religions, ethnicities, and political opinions must be engaged intellectually and soulfully with men and women impacted by the system.


Echoing Green Foundation

“Christina Mansfield and Christina Fialho were selected as 2012 Echoing Green Fellows from a pool of 3,509 applications, the largest applicant pool to date. What makes CIVIC’s immigration detention reform strategy so creative is that it combines a social entrepreneurial approach with community organizing to work toward social justice for immigrants who are detained. We need advocates like Ms. Fialho and Ms. Mansfield to go beyond speaking of change and take action. They, along with the hundreds of volunteers they have engaged in the visitation movement, have done just that.”

Detention Watch Network

“CIVIC-affiliated visitation programs are a vital component of the movement to fundamentally reform the immigration detention and deportation system. Visitation programs engage community members at a personal level, transforming volunteers into passionate and committed advocates. Visitation programs also offer solidarity and support for individuals in detention that can lead to organizing and advocacy by individuals inside as well as their families and communities.”


New York Times

“Volunteer visitors have been trying to fill the gap in accountability advocating for a seriously ill detainee denied his heart medication for weeks, foiling what it called the cover-up of one guard’s abuse and persuading jailers to supply the pillows required under detention standards.”
-New York Times Accountability


Huffington Post

“Social entrepreneurs are holistic thinkers who want to dissolve the walls that have traditionally separated government, business and the nonprofit sector. They believe an integrated approach — which is core to social entrepreneurial methodology — has the best chance of success.”

-David C. Hodgson, Co-founder and board chairman of Echoing Green writes about 2012 Echoing Green Fellows